Sunday, October 20, 2013

Long Overdue Update

Window seat :) 
Been a while since I've updated, again. Over the next few days my goal is to give a good update over everything from the last almost two years! I'm going to break it down into different posts.

Waiting for Dr. S

Trinity's first lengthening was supposed to happen in 2011 but we didn't make it until 2012. We had to reschedule twice because of her becoming sick just days before surgery. We finally made it January 17, 2012. 

They gave her Happy Juice

It makes her happy
Getting ready to go back

When she was first put into her room after surgery and she started to really wake up from anesthesia, both me and dad had second thoughts about our decision. The fixator was terrifying and she acted as if she were in horrific pain. I was so scared and full of regret as I tried to comfort her. Normally after a surgery she bounces right back. This one, however, her anxiety levels were through the roof. 

After we finally left recovery
Not a happy girl :(

Doctor after doctor and nurse after nurse came in to check on her, like usual. It usually isn't a problem, but this time she had a huge chunk of metal attached to her leg that they wanted to see and she didn't. She didn't want them to lift her blankets or touch her toes. She didn't want them to do anything. I'm no stranger for feeling like a horrible parent because of the path we chose for our daughter, but this was a new low. I felt like a monster for doing this to her. What had I been thinking??

Breathing exercises

This went on for the rest of the day while she was awake. It was a nightmare. The next day, however, was a different story... 

All this with no Happy Juice

Other than being tired and slightly zombified from the meds, my sweet Trinity returned. She began talking to the nurses and even asked them to show her the fixator. It was wrapped in a beige colored cloth and they had to lift it up so she could see. She shrugged and said, "Hm, cool."

Femur Fixator
My little zombie
Earth to Trinity...
I think that's when I finally started to breathe again. Now, I'm not saying everything was all hunky-dory and easy going from there. It was still hard at times, but my Trinity was back. 

First time out of the bed 
Had to walk down the hall and back before we could be released
Having Lunch while we wait on the shuttle
Her baby was hungry and thirsty, too

Yummy! Grilled Cheese :)
Dr. S told her to eat all the cheese she wanted!

Three days later we were on our way to the Ronald McDonald House, our home for the next 3 months. She was SO excited to ride on the shuttle. The day we left that was all she could talk about. The shuttle drivers name is Gary, and she absolutely adored him. They became instant buddies. We barely had introduced ourselves before she stretched out her arms to give him a hug.

Gary giving Trinity a lift onto the shuttle
First shuttle ride to the Ronald McDonald House

Dad stayed with us the first week we were at the house. He made adjusting to a fixator and walker in a new home so much easier. It didn't take long for us to settle in, and it took even less time for Trinity to decide she never wanted to leave the RMH.