Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I took Trinity swimming over the weekend and we had a blast! I hoped to be able to take her through the week, but both of us got a little too much sun. After the redness goes away we'll be going back. It's really good exercise for her leg.

She doesn't know how to swim yet, but she's determined to learn how. I tried to help her learn how to float and she did really good, but every time I said "You're floating!" she would get too excited and sink. She hasn't quite mastered that yet, but she has mastered jumping into the water. My arms are sore from lifting her out of the pool over and over.

When we go back her favorite person in the entire world will be going with us, Aunt Emily. I have a feeling I'll be sitting on the sidelines when she does, but that's okay because I'll be able to take more pictures :)